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Static Banner Ad Design

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Static banner ad design is incredibly important to make best use of all the advertising options available, such as for websites, web directories, social media, and more. Banner ads are often restricted to static content, because when banner ads are animated they can be very distracting for the end user. It all depends on the content partner and what they choose to allow or disallow.

In any case, using a stunning banner ad design for all of your materials makes the difference between people reaching out to you to get started and not. Make the right decision for your business and choose stunningly luxurious graphic design for any of your static banner ads.

Please note, you may have to turn off any ad-blockers to see the graphic design samples on this page.

Static banner ad designs produced by LUX Designs have been featured on numerous websites, through many different providers, including Google Ads, The Yeshiva World, VIN News, Jewish Content Network, Simcha Spot, Only Simchas, and more.

LUX Designs creates banner ads for fundraising campaigns, new products, new offers, events, shows, and more.

Luxurious Design – It’s What We Do

At LUX Designs, we are obsessed with creating stunningly luxurious graphic design. Our designs are on point, fast, and beautiful, ready to help you get the results you want from your campaign. Our banner ads and other samples of our past work will demonstrate our dedication to high quality luxurious design.

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