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Design, Websites, Videos and More

Our mission is to help you with design work and more

After many years of working in design, and designing in all types of media, including writing and video, LUX Designs is uniquely suited to help you quickly and easily get the project completed. Whether you need only the design or only the writing, or have only an old JPG, or are missing all of your files, LUX is here to get it done.

All Types of Media

LUX Designs Can Help With Your Project

Graphic Design

From books, to banner stands, to full booklets with unique concepts to make sure that your project stands out, LUX Designs is all about wow.

Website Design & Development

LUX Designs can help you design and develop your website so you can have a proper home on the interwebs. From simple to complex.

Video & Film

From short corporate videos to full blown feature length films, LUX Designs creates wonderful videos that give laughs and chills in all the right places.

Advertisement Designs

Banner ads, fliers, magazine ads, brochures, whatever you need with print design, LUX Designs has done it before and can help you create the perfect ad now.

Logo Design

Branding and logo design is where it all starts. Your logo is the face of your company to the world. Make sure that your logo says the right things about you and your company.

Project Management

LUX Designs excels at taking complex projects and making them simple. From taking a feature length film and producing it in 2 weeks, to managing multiple projects at the same time, LUX has done it.

Wait – What?!

RESPON - Responsive and Responsible

Reports of being ghosted by your designer shouldn’t exist. And missed deadlines should be a thing of the past. LUX Designs is both responsive and responsible, maintaining an open line of communication with you.

So you ALWAYS know what is going on.

Years of Experience, All Types of Design, All Formats

The lead designer for LUX Designs is Ari Gunzburg. Ari has been playing with design software since the 1990’s, and creating stunning designs for clients since 2007 in every format imaginable. From car wraps, to tradeshow booths, to films, to logos, to brochures, websites, and everything in between, LUX Designs can help.

LUX Designs can bring your design from a fuzzy concept to a completed WOW design or film.

Nothing to Something

Fuzzy instructions are fine, if you want. LUX specializes in making luxurious designs out of nothing.

Writing Included

No need to find a separate writer, unless you want to. All hourly projects include copywriting.

Fast, Quality Design Is All We Do


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